Local Folks

The very best part of Palouse is the people. Friendly, warm, busy, fun, occasionally eccentric, people. We’d like to introduce you to just a few of them here:

folks1“We love living in Palouse. Being part of the community is a very real thing in Palouse, not just a concept. We believe you don’t just reside here – you live here.”

“There’s a community life here for people of all ages. Our family especially loves the quiet, steady pace of life. And we love the school. The class sizes are small, but student opportunities and achievements are big.”

“We love the parks. We love the activities. But most of all we love the people. This is a community that truly cares for one another.”
~ Corey Laughary

folks2“How does someone from the ‘big city’ settle into rural America? Just fine… My former hometown (Portland, Oregon) was also built with community in mind, so I grew up in a community very much like Palouse. A grocery store where you met your neighbors in the produce section, a school just around the corner that you walked to with your friends. The park a few blocks away had a pool too, just like Palouse! The environment there was very much like Palouse is today – friendly, caring neighbors and friends, and a safe place to live.”

“Palouse is a wonderful place to live, to work, to raise children and to grow old.”
~ Bev Pearce