The resources available to you as you consider relocating to Palouse are many and varied. This page contains a list of miscellaneous resources that may be of use to you.

Come back often to see what’s new! We’ll try to keep this list current and growing, and we hope that you can find some information here that will help you in your decisions.

Palouse Brochure
Download or print a copy of the full color Palouse Brochure. Take a look at what this remarkable, beautiful little community has to offer.

Affordable Housing Options
Pullman Community Action Center can help moderate to low income families and seniors in our area find affordable housing.  Learn more at their website.

High Speed Internet
Palouse is well connected to the world, and you have a few choices available for your high speed internet connection. Local options include wireless and satellite connectivity as well as DSL. And a county-wide project brought a new fiber optic cable to Palouse recently. You’ll find that our small population is remarkably tech-savvy, and we know how to leverage our local connections.

Whitman County Data
The County Data page has numbers and statistics and general information about Whitman County that you may find interesting to read. Courtesy of the Southeast Washington Economic Development Association.

Local Links
A few of the local organizations and facilities you might want to know about. For a more complete list of what is available in Palouse, you can visit our sister site, Visit Palouse.